For a personalised community child care in Hampton Park

Your Child is Our Priority

Every child is unique, and needs a personalised approach to flourish!

Here at 123KIDS Early Learning Centre in Hampton Park we believe that the differences children bring to the community child care, make for a truly wonderful community experience. Each child is treated as an individual, yet at the same time they feel part of our community. We believe we need to be open to learning from your children, just as they are open to learn from us!

Supporting childs needs

We are a privately owned family run child care centre in the heart of Hampton Park that aims to provide a supporting learning environment for your child. We believe that these early years are so important for developing the skills for the next steps in education. We take the approach of taking the child's lead, so that the learning is done at a time when the child is interested in that particular area. We believe every child deserves respect, consideration and unconditional acceptance.

Supporting teachers needs

For us at 123KIDS Early Learning Centre in Hampton Park to provide the superior level of child care that delights both parents and children alike, we support our teachers with good working conditions and training so that they can continually develop their skills. All our staff are qualified in children's services with a minimum qualification of Certificate 3. Most of our staff are Diploma qualified and our Kindergarten Teachers have studied extensively gaining a Bachelor degree in the area of childcare.

Supporting parents needs

Here at 123KIDS Early Learning Centre in Hampton Park we understand you need to balance your child care with your job requirements, which is why we offer flexible schedules  supporting the needs of working parents. We also aim to support parents with affordable child care solutions, without compromising our quality of care.